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Easy Parking Company Ltd. is a company that holds the exclusive distributorship of automated parking systems of the manufacturer in South Korea in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Company also operates in the role of Sales Agents for Eastern Europe and Greece. Thanks to the cooperation with Czech and foreign companies we offer a full supply of automated parking systems, offered on a turnkey basis, i.e. consulting solutions to the location of APS according to the chosen locality, advice for dealing with planning authorities, the feasibility studies in a selected location, location of project preparation in the field, installation and servicing.


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  • Pražská 154
  • 460 01 Liberec
  • Czech Republic

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phone: +420 777 65 77 56   +420 776 260 817

Project and technical documentation free of charge

Are you interested in any of our parking systems, and you're not sure which system would be most effective? Contact us and tell us what area of the land you have and we will present a technical solution, including price quotation.


service and maintainance

Thanks to our certified contractors, service teams are available to our customers for the regular preventative maintenance and inspections in case of disturbances.

In case of emergency, please call

777 65 77 56

Leasing and insurance

In cooperation with CSOB Leasing, we will arrange the financing of our products. Contact us and we will help you to choose the best method of financing, according to your needs.

Benefits of financing machinery and equipment are:
  • Reducing the immediate cash expenditure and its distribution over a longer period
  • The possibility of financing in euros
  • Possibility to use preferential sale events
  • Machinery insurance benefit paid in installments

Arrangement of Delivery and installation

Depending on the type of the parking system, the delivery period ranges from 3-4 months after ordering. The following assembly and installation is done by service organization that is certified for this purpose directly from the manufacturer.

Automatic parking systems

Master Distributor for Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Parking System

Automated parking solution suitable for small and medium-sized office buildings, shops, hospitals, hotels, apartment blocks, housing estates, simply for sites where there is of parking spaces. Construction of the system requires only two parking spaces (approx. 30 m2), then the effect is increased parking capacity by up to 10-times, i.e. the possibility to park 20 cars.

  • 1 Park up to 20 cars on 2 parking spaces
  • 1 Low operatig costs
  • 1 Installation in 7 days
Height of the systems
Number of cars Height (construction) Total height
87990 mm9400 mm
98890 mm10300 mm
109790 mm11200 mm
1110690 mm12100 mm
1211590 mm13000 mm

Process of parking

A car is parked on the platform, the driver of the car leaves the car and enters the position number of the platform on the control where the car is parked. The system moves one position clockwise/counterclockwise, so that it is possible to park another car. For departure driver enters the position number where the car is parked and the system moves the platform to the starting position in less than 1 minute.

For options, cladding is available for the parking system, installed turntable for easy entering / exiting vehicles from the system, automatic doors, gates etc. With all the options the rotary parking system can serve as a classic parking house.

Variants of sheating

Example of References
of this type of system

  • Liberec, Czech republic
  • Seoul, S. Korea
    office building
  • Seoul, S. Korea
  • Incheon, S. Korea
    residential building
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